A Thoughtful and Stylish Home - A1 Floor Plan

A Thoughtful and Stylish Home

A thoughtful and stylish home awaits you at Alexan Access. Moving into a new place is always exciting. A chance for a fresh start and a new chapter. If you’re on the hunt for a dream home that perfectly suits your lifestyle, the A1 Floor Plan with its 617 SF of total area could be just the right fit! If you’re looking for a new upscale experience, it is time to see everything Alexan Access has to offer.

A Thoughtful Use of Space

What exactly is the A1 Floor Plan at Alexan Access? To put it simply, it’s a unique layout designed to maximize comfort and convenience. This is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with an open floor plan, which means there are no walls dividing your main living spaces. The bedroom is separate for added privacy. The kitchen, living, and dining area flow seamlessly together. This layout provides a spacious and airy feel. Plus, it is great for hosting gatherings, making your apartment the perfect spot for dinner parties or casual hangouts with friends.


Cooking at Home

The kitchen in the A1 Floor Plan has modern appliances and plenty of counter space. Whether you love to cook or prefer take-out, this kitchen caters to all your needs. There’s ample storage for all your kitchen gadgets and essentials. You can easily whip up your favorite recipes or try out new ones. It’s a versatile space that can double as a work-from-home station or a place to enjoy meals with loved ones. Its open layout keeps you connected with the rest of your living space, adding to the apartment’s social vibe.


Cozy Retreat

The bedroom is a private sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a busy day. It’s spacious enough to fit a king-size bed and has a large closet for all your storage needs. Whether you’re an early riser or love to sleep in on weekends, this bedroom is your personal haven. The bathroom in the A1 Floor Plan has simplicity and functionality in mind. It features modern fixtures and a shower-tub combo that’s perfect for a quick rinse or a leisurely soak.

Come to Alexan Access for a thoughtful and cozy home. We know the definition of comfort. Call us now and schedule a tour!