Astoria Pizza and Pasta near Alexan Access - AMAZING, delicious, fresh, high-quality ingredients, and what a great value! - pic by Christina M. on Yelp

Astoria Pizza and Pasta near Alexan Access

Savor Lynnwood’s best flavors in Alexan Access. Nothing brings people together like great food. So whether you want to host a home-cooked feast or you’d rather find your new favorite restaurant, our luxury apartments make it easy. With dozens of great eateries, markets, and bars within arm’s reach, you’re never too far from an amazing meal. So celebrate your move like a local at Astoria Pizza and Pasta near Alexan Access.

Astoria Pizza and Pasta

If local Italian is your cup of tea, Astoria Pizza and Pasta may be the perfect spot. Both residents and tourists highly rate it for its generous portions, great flavors, and welcoming atmosphere. Best of all, it’s only two and a half miles from our luxury apartments. You can drive to their dining room in just ten minutes or have their food delivered to your front door. So you can have pizza night every night and never order the same thing twice.

Eye-Catching Pizza near Alexan Access

Who doesn’t love pizza? Astoria offers eight specialty pizza flavors for you to try, so there’s something for every taste. Explore flavors such as their Sweet & Spicy pizza with pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno or their vegetarian pizza with veggie favorites such as mushrooms, green pepper, and olives. Of course, you can also make custom pizza for your unique masterpiece. With choices like this, letting your imagination run wild is easy.

Sides and Pasta to Savor

Astoria has plenty of other entrees for you to enjoy if you want something a little different. How about indulging in their famous fettuccine alfredo with chicken? Or, try their hearty baked lasagna. You can make two meals from their toasted meatball sub so remember to place your order for lunch. They also have garlic bread and salad to create a complete meal. What’s not to love?

Grab a slice of deliciousness at Astoria Pizza and Pasta near Alexan Access. A better life is waiting for you. So make your plans to make a good move.