A Thoughtful and Stylish Home - A1 Floor Plan

A Thoughtful and Stylish Home

A thoughtful and stylish home awaits you at Alexan Access. Moving into a new place is always exciting. A chance for a fresh start and a new chapter. If you’re on the hunt for a dream home that perfectly suits your lifestyle, the A1 Floor Plan with its 617 SF of total area could be just the right fit! If you’re looking for a new upscale experience, it is time to see everything Alexan Access has to offer.

A Thoughtful Use of Space

What exactly is the A1 Floor Plan at Alexan Access? To put it simply, it’s a unique layout designed to maximize comfort and convenience. This is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with an open floor plan, which means there are no walls dividing your main living spaces. The bedroom is separate for added privacy. The kitchen, living, and...

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A Delicious Dive Into Ocean Delights - Seafood

A Delicious Dive Into Ocean Delights

Head over to Anthony’s Seafood Grill for a delicious dive into ocean delights. This great restaurant is only a short distance away from Alexan Access. Anthony’s is where you’ll taste some of the best seafood dishes ever! Let’s begin exploring!


Delights Near the Ocean

Anthony’s Seafood Grill is located right by the sea. Imagine eating fresh...

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Pamper Your Little Friend - Dog

Pamper Your Little Friend

Pamper your little friend here at Alexan Access. Hello, dog lovers! Today we’re focusing on a feature at Alexan Access that makes life so much easier and enjoyable for you and your furry friend – the Dog Wash Area. Come and see what makes our homes special.


Pamper Your Dog

At Alexan Access, we understand that your pet is part of your family, and looking after...

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More Than Just A Parking Space - Garage

More Than Just A Parking Space

Do you want a home that has more than just a parking space? Alexan Access has just what you need. Ever thought about the benefits of having a private garage? A private garage does more than keep your car safe. Let us get right into it!


Parking In Luxury

Our homes feature rentable private garages. A private garage is a covered space where you can park your car. It’s...

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Your Gateway to Cozy Living - B1 Floor Plan

Your Gateway to Cozy Living

Your gateway to cozy living is here with us in Alexan Access. Welcome, everyone, to a tour of the B1 Floor Plan – a beautiful living space designed for comfort, convenience, and style. Let’s explore why this floor plan is perfect for your lifestyle!


The Gateway to A Great Home

The B1 Floor Plan has a total area of 959 SF. First, you’ll find a spacious...

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