Steaks, Drinks, and More - Steak

Steaks, Drinks, and More

Steaks, drinks, and more await you at The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. This great joint is only a few minutes away from our Alexan Access community. For many people, it’s their top choice when it comes to steakhouses. Let’s find out why.


Premium Steaks

Firstly, the star of the show at The Keg is, of course, the steak! Their steak is nothing short of amazing. They take high-quality beef and grill it to perfection. Whether you prefer your steak well-done or medium-rare, they’ve got you covered. The seasoning they use is simple yet delicious, allowing the natural flavors of the beef to shine.


Diverse Drinks

What about drinks? The Keg has you sorted. The bar offers a wide range of drinks, from classic cocktails to an impressive list of...

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Wholesome Athletic Fun - Court

Wholesome Athletic Fun

Are you looking for a community that promotes wholesome athletic fun? We have the right facilities for you here in Alexan Access. Today, let’s step outside and bounce into a lively topic – outdoor recreational areas with courts. Ready to serve up some fun? Let’s get going!


Athletic Activities

Outdoor recreational areas with courts are open spaces that...

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Designer Homes in Lynnwood - Interior

Designer Homes in Lynnwood

Are you looking for designer homes in Lynnwood? Check out our awesome apartments here in Alexan Access. Our homes have excellent designs and will surely catch your eye. Join us as we hold your hand in this virtual tour. Let us dive right in and see what makes our homes special.


Designer Finishes

Imagine this: You step into a room in your home. The colors of the walls,...

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A Unique Way of Life - C3 Floor Plan

A Unique Way of Life

A unique way of life is waiting for you here in our community. Today, we dive into the world of apartment design by focusing on one of Alexan Access‘s most popular options, the C3 Floor Plan. Have you ever wondered what living in this beautiful space is like? Read on to find out!


A Stylish Way of Life

The C3 Floor Plan is a model that has gained a lot of love. It has...

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Spice and Everything Nice - Pad Thai

Spice and Everything Nice

Chili Basil Thai Grill has the spice and everything nice. This restaurant has carved a name for itself with its great Thai flavors, inviting ambiance, and top-notch service. Our community at Alexan Access is only a few minutes from the restaurant. Come and take a journey with us through the tastes of Thailand.


Symphony and Spice

Thai food is known for its unique blend of...

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