Virtual Recreations in Lynnwood - Virtual Golf

Virtual Recreations in Lynnwood

Come and enjoy virtual golf and other recreations in Lynnwood. Back9 Parlor has a lot of activities for you to enjoy. The parlor is within walking distance of our community at Alexan Access. Play golf like you’re outside while indoors here at Back9 Parlor.

Virtual Fun

Are you a fan of sports? Do you not have time to play outside? Or maybe you don’t like the outdoors? We have the solution for you. Play sports indoors with simulator stalls. Play golf, baseball, football, and many other sports in the comfort of the indoors. Break a sweat in private here at Back9 Parlor.

Competitive Recreations

Competitive sports are no longer limited to the outdoors. Back9 Parlor has leagues for competitive play. Do you want a chance to earn bragging rights in golf? We got you! Prepare your best swing and tee off with friends and family. All of this is within the safety of four walls.

Relaxation in Lynnwood

Have you enjoyed the fun and games? Have you shown your competitors who’s boss? Sit back and relax at the Back9’s full bar. Grab some food and drinks to celebrate your victory. They have pizza, salads, and classic fried goodies for you to enjoy.

Come and have fun with virtual recreations in Lynnwood. Back9 Parlor has everything you need to have fun indoors. Are you looking for a reservation or want to start a private league? Call now!