Woodland Park Zoo near Alexan Access - Jaguar pacing around. - pic by Jake G. on April 16, 2022, on yelp

Woodland Park Zoo near Alexan Access

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for new adventures once you live at Alexan Access. Our luxury apartments are beautiful inside and out, and our great community in Lynnwood gives you no shortage of parks, gardens, and trails to explore. A sunny day is the only reason you need to explore the outdoors. So celebrate your move with a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo and take a walk on the wild side.

Woodland Park Zoo

One of Seattle’s most iconic attractions, the Woodland Park Zoo, is a great gathering of nature’s inhabitants. Every exhibit is harmonious with the creatures inside as they’re rehabilitated and cared for as part of a conservation effort. Of course, it’s also a chance to learn about animals and plants worldwide. It’s only thirteen miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front gates in twenty minutes or less.

Meet the Residents

The Woodland Park Zoo and its 92 acres host nearly a thousand animals. Several species are critically endangered or threatened. A few well-known animals include the lions and giraffes of the African savannah, the lemurs and reptiles of the Amazon rainforest, and even local temperate forest residents like red pandas and cranes. You’ll love meeting these residents.

Special Events and Attractions

There’s always a new experience to enjoy during your zoo visit. Daily feedings and animal encounters occur to help you get closer to the action. Younger visitors will love the historic carousel on the park’s north side. Finally, this May, several summertime events like ZooTunes and members-only early openings will be available. 

Take a walk on the wild side at Alexan Access. Visit our Lynnwood luxury apartments and the Woodland Park Zoo for your next weekend adventure.